We use our digital agency experience at Video Mantra to design video content strategies that tackle a number of business problems. We make videos for your company that explain features, promote benefits, tell the story of your brand, educate your customers, and more. At Video Mantra’s video production company Dubai,  we’ve seen the video go from a simple website tool to a critical means for organizations to connect with customers through fresh, innovative, and engaging content distributed across many marketing platforms.

At Video Mantra’s media production Dubai, we are not only creating videos but we are building relationships. Or happy clients have made over $100 million simply by using our creative videos in their youtube channels and websites. Our clients prefer to work with us again and again which is a real honor for us. We love making new relationships and we would love to work with you where we can be your video production company Dubai partner. Simply give us a call We are online 24×7.

Benefits of Working with Video Production Company Dubai

You are undoubtedly pretty aware of the benefits that result from this partnership when you have decided you want to collaborate with the video production company Dubai.

For instance, collaborating with a video production company Dubai frequently brings numerous benefits to an inclusive approach, like greater video quality and established experience. If the video is produced by your staff but lacks the ability to run, the video production company Dubai is a strong supporting partner with a clear budget and time frame.

Working with a video production company Dubai is a good alternative for companies of any size and purpose. The strict and rewarding strategic planning, video production, and delivery procedure is a dependable resource for professionals. However, working with specialists does not clearly show some hidden advantages. All over the place, your search you will not hear about these advantages.

Extraordinary Benefits of Hiring Video Mantra - A Great Time to Unlock Oppurtunities

  • You can get something boost from a single production, but a long-term engagement with these people creates your team and can change your game for your enterprise.
  • Bring fresh ideas in your company to change the perspective.
  • Following the creative model and executed by professional team can generate growth for your company.
  • High Quality videos creates more avenues and also unlock new opportunities.
  • By hiring a video production company, you can tap diverse network and promising new futures.
  • When you overly expand your team's obligations to satisfy needs normally outside your scope, working with a video production alleviates the complications that develop.
  • A video production company can help shift into a new, unfamiliar market like social media and digital for more traditional companies.

When you consider the appropriate strategy and attention to detail, the benefits of working with a video production company Dubai are exponential. Video marketing, content marketing, social networking, and streamable content are still growing, and it is important to move forward or stay behind.

Our Process

Our video production process is broken into four essential steps at Video Mantra. The first phase is pre-production in which the project deliverables can be defined. It also covers funding, project timing, scripting, and acquisition of talent. The second step consists of the production of the actual film shooting. This can be in-house or in a distant place. In this phase, all footage required to obtain the final output is acquired. The following step is post-production in the studio. Our studio is located inside our Islamabad office and has state-of-the-art machinery. The last phase will be delivered and distribution is optional.


Concept and Research

The first part of our approach comprises the conceptualization of the message and the conduct of an in-depth investigation into the message to be presented.

Define Goals and Deliverables

In this step, we set the goal that what should we achieved from this project.

Timeline and Bugdting 

The creation of a feasible timeline for video production within the agreed time limit is a vital aspect of reaching these targets. Budgeting shall be ensured that the results are kept in mind.

Scripting and Planning

The final step is the writing of a script and the planning of things such as gains of talent, location reconnaissance, mobilization of resources, allowances, etc. The script is developed to fit the objectives and results defined. In the meantime, our project manager will include all the resources necessary for production and post-production operations.

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Logistic, Crew, and Talent

The team and skilled persons are necessary to travel to searched areas and mobilize local resources to shoot. This could involve going to several places according to on the script.


This is where the video actually appears after the script. The Creative Director and Project Manager are responsible for ensuring that the production phase is continuous as planned and for preparing backup plans in case of an emergency.


Video Editing

Post-production begins in the studio inside our office once all video has been taken. The script provides the basis for the selection of the footage. During this phase, things like background music, voice-over, subtitles and color grading, etc. are done.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the intended quality, a team led by the Creative Director reviews all parts of the content generated during the postproduction process. This process makes us the best video production company Dubai.



The final phase is to supply a secure cloud platform with the ultimate product for the customer. We also ensure that material is distributed across platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to the intended demographic. During the post-production process, platform-specific video formats are established.

Video SEO & Marketing

We understand that video SEO is very vital for ranking your video in major search engines for certain keywords. Not only can we help you optimize your video higher, but we can also implement a marketing campaign to send your message to a bigger audience worldwide.

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Support Departement

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