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Video Mantra is the leading video production company in Dubai, offering unparalleled corporate video production services. Our team at Video Mantra has extensive experience as a corporate video production agency, which allows us to create video content strategies that address a variety of business challenges. Whether you need videos that promote the benefits of your products, tell the story of your brand, educate your customers, and more, we’ve got you covered. Our professional video production services in Dubai have helped our clients generate over $20 million in revenue. We believe that video production is not just about making videos – it’s about building relationships and connecting with customers. That’s why our clients return to us time and time again for their video production needs.

At Video Mantra, we are dedicated to providing the best professional video production services in Dubai.  Our goal is to deliver personalized, customized video production services that bring your vision to life. Partner with us and discover why we are the best video production company in Dubai.  

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Benefits of Working with Video Production Company in Dubai

When you partner with a video production company in Dubai, you’ll enjoy several key benefits that can positively impact your business. One of the biggest advantages is a higher quality of video production. The video production company in Dubai has the expertise, experience, and tools necessary to create professional-quality videos that effectively communicate your message. They can help you create a video that showcases your products or services, explains your brand’s features, promotes the benefits of working with you, tells your brand’s story, educates your customers, and More.

Another benefit of working with a video production company in Dubai is their ability to handle the entire video production process from start to finish.  From strategic planning to delivery, the video production company in Dubai can help you stay on budget and on time, ensuring that you get the best possible results from your investment. And because they have a proven track record of delivering high-quality videos, you can have confidence that they will produce a product that will meet or exceed your expectations.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced corporate video production agency in Dubai, look no further than Video Mantra. With their proven expertise in video production and their commitment to delivering the best possible results, Video Mantra is the best choice for businesses of any size and purpose.

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Extraordinary Benefits of Hiring Video Mantra - A Great Time to Unlock Oppurtunities

  • High-quality Video Production: Working with Video Mantra guarantees high-quality video production services. Our team of experts has experience in creating videos that align with your company's vision and goals.
  • Experienced Team: Video Mantra has a team of experienced and professional video production specialists who have a deep understanding of the video production process. They bring years of experience to the table to ensure the best results.
  • Increased Reach: Partnering with Video Mantra can help your company reach a wider audience through effective video marketing strategies.
  • Boosted Sales: Engaging videos can help you increase sales and attract more customers. Video Mantra will help you create videos that educate, promote, and engage your target audience.
  • Time-saving: Hiring Video Mantra can help you save time and energy that would have gone into producing the video yourself. This way, you can focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Affordable Services: Video Mantra provides affordable video production services, making it easier for businesses of any size to partner with us.
  • Customized Solutions: Our team will work with you to understand your specific needs and create custom solutions that cater to your unique requirements.

When you consider the appropriate strategy and attention to detail, the benefits of working with a video production company Dubai are exponential. Video marketing, content marketing, social networking, and streamable content are still growing, and it is important to move forward or stay behind.

Our Process

At Video Mantra, our video production process is focused on delivering results for our clients. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your goals and develop a strategy to achieve them through video content. 

Our process includes the following steps:


Concept and Research

The first part of our approach comprises the conceptualization of the message and the conduct of an in-depth investigation into the message to be presented.

Define Goals and Deliverables

In this step, we set the goal that what should we achieved from this project.

Timeline and Bugdting 

The creation of a feasible timeline for video production within the agreed time limit is a vital aspect of reaching these targets. Budgeting shall be ensured that the results are kept in mind.

Scripting and Planning

The final step is the writing of a script and the planning of things such as gains of talent, location reconnaissance, mobilization of resources, allowances, etc. The script is developed to fit the objectives and results defined. In the meantime, our project manager will include all the resources necessary for production and post-production operations.

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Logistic, Crew, and Talent

The team and skilled persons are necessary to travel to searched areas and mobilize local resources to shoot. This could involve going to several places according to on the script.


This is where the video actually appears after the script. The Creative Director and Project Manager are responsible for ensuring that the production phase is continuous as planned and for preparing backup plans in case of an emergency.


Video Editing

Post-production begins in the studio inside our office once all video has been taken. The script provides the basis for the selection of the footage. During this phase, things like background music, voice-over, subtitles and color grading, etc. are done.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the intended quality, a team led by the Creative Director reviews all parts of the content generated during the postproduction process. This process makes us the best video production company Dubai.



The final phase is to supply a secure cloud platform with the ultimate product for the customer. We also ensure that material is distributed across platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram to the intended demographic. During the post-production process, platform-specific video formats are established.

Video SEO & Marketing

We understand that video SEO is very vital for ranking your video in major search engines for certain keywords. Not only can we help you optimize your video higher, but we can also implement a marketing campaign to send your message to a bigger audience worldwide.

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Support Departement

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