Visual material is king. Video Mantra photography services provide dimension-oriented stories with photographs that can have maximum effect, whether you need to bring life to your website, social media marketing, or advertising.

In catching and engaging your audience online, high-quality photography is essential. Shooting professional images of your team and the setting can enable you to generate confidence online. A library of high-quality photographs covering event photography, lifestyle, photoshoot near you, and business photography enables you to use your digital marketing strategy and visual storytelling on your website. You know, of course, that premium product photography is a major contributor to eCommerce conversions (making shoppers 3x more likely to purchase). But did you know that with the relevant imaging, your tweets would acquire 155% more retweets (and 55% more leads)? This is true. It is true.

Specially designed photographs for your mark

Our creative agency and Dubai photographer are experienced in customized photography services Dubai, including executive portraits, photo services, photo shooting, professional photography Dubai, pregnancy photoshoot Dubai, and consumer goods products. To use websites, printing, online publications, and social networks we develop printed and web images. 

Customized photographic commissioned clients obtain cost-effective original branded content from Video Mantra. We assure consistency of the brand in each shoot and provide simple buyout packages to prevent customers from browsing usage rights, expiry dates, or royalties.

Though everyone with a smartphone can get a quick image of a social media post, our professional photographers in Dubai understand the complexities of lighting, composition, design, and photo editing to generate amazing photos with a thousand words. Our pictures highlight your products perfectly, and our unique images of high quality seem genuine and fair for the companies, we constantly hear from our customers.

Can I afford professional photography services in Dubai?


While many professional photographers near you and photography companies in Dubai charge images peruse at an hourly rate for photography services or shooting price per image and contract, our in-house photography team offers a flat fee for full-day or half-day shots, and you always maintain all photos with complete use rights. All photos are edited by our professional photoshoot company and our graphic design team are masters in making maximum use of these pictures for your purposes.

And your digital marketing team will have quick access to your photo library if you are one of our digital marketing customers, to enable us to include this high-grade image immediately into your digital marketing strategy.

Our photography service includes:

  • Full or half-day shooting with all the equipment needed
  • Lens kits and professional camera
  • Professional lighting configuration
  • Options for single and multi-shooter
  • Color correction, photo editing, and repair.
  • Full access to photo library with rights to full use
  • SEO best practices photo metadata
  • Hosting of photo books

We have experience in taking many kinds of professional pictures for our customers, including:

  • Photography of corporate team
  • Picture of product
  • Business Photography
  • Photography of event
  • location and photography of architecture
  • Photography of lifestyle
  • Pictures of Food
  • Photography of social media

Let us know what you need to photograph and
we’ll find the best solution for you!

Support Departement


Support Departement

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