Introduction to Internal Communication Videos

During our years of experience in video production at Video Mantra, it was fantastic to watch how firms have modified their structure to reflect the developing digital environment. Works from domestic policies are growing, with some organizations using totally remote employees, and even smaller start-ups can expand globally.

However, it’s hard to guarantee that all your employees, members, or contractors are on the same page in this new appearance. You can certainly publish a newsletter or send a few Slack messages, but it is hard to know who connects to the information. 

That’s where internal communication videos come in. It is a wonderful approach to align your people with committing, important, and morsel-sized video material. Videos are the best source for internal communication in an organization. Furthermore, because you can track how many people look at the content (or even who), you have an idea of what issues resonate and what they fall apart. 

Need of Internal Communication Videos

Whenever you need to communicate with a whole company or department, it is a good idea to include it in an internal communications video.

We’ve seen them substitute emails across our firm, Departmental intranet articles, or onboard manuals. It is crucial that such messages come from the top and that management is behind their distribution (and hopefully their production) – as with so many internal communication videos.

How Video Mantra Create Internal Communication Videos

We think it is essential to approach the content in a similar way to our corporate video content so that we can comprehend the issues you are attempting to understand, who will help, and how. That’s where you come in! Fortunately, since it is your own people, you will meet this audience pretty well and even provide us clear knowledge of how they will consume the internal communication videos content (laptops, on lunch break, etc.).

Characteristics of Internal Communication Videos

  • Three minutes or less
  • Clear and concise
  • In your brand voice
  • Audience-specific
  • Consistent

By monitoring views and commitment, you can identify what your people are happy to learn about and what proportion have seen it.

Many times we find it helpful to select members of your team from the video to help personalize the experience and make people happy about production. This also enables us to make more videos, for a reduced cost per video (yippee!). Typically we have animated denser subjects that need visual assistance to adequately express the content.

And although we do not make budget production from a mass-produced source, we will always advise you on how to achieve your goals most effectively. We could use a subscription service to plan your video content for the year (so you can benefit from scale efficiencies), or can assist you to put up a studio in your office if it is necessary that you have a quicker turnaround. And we will promptly make our video crew available to you if you need us in the short term.

Types of Internal Communication Videos

i. Health and Safety Videos

It is very significant, as you have to make sure your complete team has memorized your information, that health and safety instructions are well delivered. Internal Videos are great for the content of this kind: it is memorable and impactful and assures uniform distribution.

ii. Induction and Onboarding Videos

Standardize the “First Day Experience” with a creative, powerful onboarding film that sets the tone and excites new employees. This is a very efficient technique for management or colleagues in overseas divisions to present a new beginning.

iii. Changing of Management

It is all about providing coherence and clarity in management change. Video communication offers a number of advantages to your whole team: they can be presented concurrently to minimize confusion and it can take additional time for employees to replay sections that are more important to their positions or more difficult to grasp.

Let us know what you need to photograph and
we’ll find the best solution for you!

iv. Training Videos

Video and animation are wonderful tool for upgrading personnel and explaining difficult operations. Video contents may be used on request and metrics (e.g. rate of view) may be collected for monitoring and enhancing training results.

v. Management Updates

Most CEOs just don’t have time to see each individual, but videos can be used wisely to increase accessibility for management. A cleverly created film guarantees that each team member and each country receives the same message.

vi. Celebrations

Videos are an excellent method to capture major achievements and commemorate them. They motivate personnel, enhance morals and promote company involvement. And video from these unforgettable moments can be utilized to assist projects in the future.

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