The best explanatory video companies really listen to the clients’ needs and goals. Like us at Video Mantra. But we’re not just an explainer video company – we’re explainer video experts, who turn ideas into clear (and engaging) messages that motivate action.
It could be for business communication, a charity, or NFP… or maybe you’re just having trouble explaining what your business does.
Most of the pieces we create are animated explainer videos, but they may equally be a filmed video production. Or a combo.
At Video Mantra our explainer video services create stand-out explainer videos for businesses, regardless of production style.

Simplify your message with best explainer videos with Video Manta
Why Video Mantra?
We are a UAE-based creative video agency on a mission to help organizations big or small, grow with explainer videos that pack a punch.

Get Noticed

We help you create eye-catching explainer videos that tell your story in a unique and compelling way.

Get More Engagement

With an animated explainer videos, you can create a buzz, engage your followers, educate your audience, or get your employees talking about the things that matter.

Get Results

From building an audience to training employees, whatever your goal is, Video Mantra’s explainer videos helps you get the right results.

  • 54%increase in brand awareness through the use of video
  • 66%more qualified leads per year when videos used in marketing
  • 83%of organisations using video say that it’s a positive ROI
  • 95%of a message is retained through watching a video as opposed to reading

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are one of the best tools for telling a story, and yes, you guessed it, explaining things. Did you know that 96% of people say they have watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service? Here’s why.
an explainer video.

  • Pin it on your Facebook page or Twitter profile
  • Make it part of your employee onboarding program

Use it in your training material
Explainer videos are the content that just keeps giving and giving.

Video puts your organisation on autopilot

Training staff, reaching out to your community, and even crafting internal communications can take up a considerable amount of your time. But an explainer video can do all this on your behalf 24/7.
Check put some of the ways a Punchy explainer video can take center stage while you work behind the scenes.

  • Demo videos for new software and tools
  • Presentations to new potential investors
  • Policy explainer videos
  • Telling brand stories

Think of how much time and money your team will save by having all of these processes on autopilot.

Business visionaries frequently put their central core into building up the ideal product. Sometimes the best plans neglect to turn into a triumph, except if they are advertised well. The online world has opened up basic and practical approaches to showcase different items and services. Among the best ways, these days, to catch the eye of your intended interest group are great animated explainer videos for your business.

These great explainer videos help feature the key focuses on your organization or item straightforwardly and compellingly. If you will probably sell an item, clarify an idea or a plan to a large group, animated video production are a sure shot method for keeping your intended interest group connected with and intrigued by what you are stating.

animation maker

So, one can recollect this condition on the off chance that one needs to develop his business:

Amusement + Engagement = Sales

Let us see ten innovative manners by which animation production companies can help in enhancing the profit of your business:

1. Assist You with Beating Competition

Advanced showcasing is progressively changing into a focused commercial center, and it’s significant for your business to stand apart from the challenge. An animated marketing video can without much of a stretch set you apart from your rivals since it sets up you as an inventive, creative and modern organization.

2. Lift Conversion Rates

Activities don’t directly connect with your clients; they additionally motivate them to make buys and help your business in boosting benefits. Measurements uncover that remembering an animated video for your point of arrival can build your change rate by an incredible 80%.

Regardless of whether you are attempting to sell apparel or books, any item can be promoted through an energized video, irrespective of how excellent or carefree your topic is.

3. Connect with Your Clients

These days, purchasers draw in with online product animation videos consistently. In an ongoing examination, it was discovered that 33% of all online action time is spent on website explainer videos. Bringing in your clients is, like this, ever-significant in the focused universe of advanced promoting and can be viewed as the initial move towards making a deal.

Along these lines, you have to utilize content that gives you the ideal possibility of adequately captivating your client.

Whiteboard animation videos are the ideal method to draw in potential clients since they give an approach to exhibit primary data in an eye-catching and fascinating way.

Let us know what you need to photograph and
we’ll find the best solution for you!

4. Improve SEO

Much the same as individuals, Google likewise cherishes animated video content. Remembering animated videos for business for your site is a fantastic method to improve your SEO and can assist your business with ranking higher on Google’s look. This makes you progressively evident and available to potential customers.

Google’s calculation for search rankings likewise considers the measure of time guests remains on your site, and this is one of the numerous reasons that animated promotional video have been seeing touchy development.

5. Intrigue Customers

What might you like to find in a business meeting? An exhausting PowerPoint introduction or an interesting best-animated explainer videos?

Demonstrating a movement in a gathering is a unique method to communicate as the need should arise to potential customers and effectively close an arrangement. Additionally, indicating an animated video production company on your remain at a presentation is a perfect method to attract individuals and start discussions with them.

6. Help Customers to Comprehend Your Product

On the off chance that a potential client can’t get a handle on what you are selling them, they definitely won’t have any desire to get it. Explainer videos production clarifies the reason and capacity of your item straightforwardly.

The items and services offered by your organization are intended to make your customer’s life simpler. An animated corporate video can be incredible about narrating. A 90 to 120-second product explainer videos demonstrating actual occurrences of how your items and services will cause your buyer’s life, so a lot simpler will to work ponders for your business.

You are advancing your item through explainer videos services – regardless of whether a whiteboard video or a 2D liveliness video incredibly improves your article. You can, without much of a stretch, separate how your item attempts its least complex structure with the assistance of an animated video.

7. Set Aside Your Time and Budget

Not at all like no-frills recordings, do movements age rapidly. In live-activity records, styles from several years prior look incredibly dated at this point. Picking an activity instead will set aside your cash as it will stay fresher-searching for more and should be refreshed less often.

Additionally, an animated video can express in only minutes what could take hours to peruse or just tune in to. In this way, by charging a vivified video, you will spare yourself valuable time.

When contrasted with live human entertainers, liveliness doesn’t advance a specific age, race, or nationality. This is imperative because the web is quickly turning into a worldwide commercial center. Along these lines, your business needs to engage everybody, regardless of what their identity is.

8. Growing Your Reach

As an entrepreneur, you would need to contact; however, many customers would be prudent and present them with your items or services. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are well-known online life locales that enable clients to connect with a vast number of individuals from everywhere throughout the world.

With an animated video, you can spread the news about your product or services, that too, in a fun and engaging way.

9. Breathe Life into Your Thoughts

With the assistance of an animated video, you can recount any story you need – how going into this business transformed you, how your item can change the life of your customer, how your item gets your heart siphoning, and so on.

You can exploit this innovative vehicle to outwardly show and disclose to your customers what you plan to uncover about your item.

10. Brand Image Can Be Effectively Improved Through Energized Recordings

A corporate explainer video gives you a brilliant chance to imaginatively incorporate logos, shading plans, and brand pictures into your video. You can adequately make intermittent subjects and brand symbols through a progression of video animation services.

Thinking about the focuses as mentioned earlier, energized recordings are a successful advertising device that can encourage advancing your business just as your items.

Notwithstanding, not all animated recordings become a hit or turn into a web sensation. You have to think innovatively and attempt various thoughts for your records to get well known with the majority. Therefore, you should contact an expert energized video organization that can make the best-enlivened recordings for you.